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Check Out Glossaries On eBay. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Glossaries On eBay Low Prices on Glossar The glossaries package supports acronyms and multiple glossaries, and has provision for operation in several languages (using the facilities of either babel or polyglossia). New entries are defined to have a name and description (and optionally an associated symbol). Support for multiple languages is offered, and plural forms of terms may be specified. An additional package

have been used in the document. The glossaries package provides three options: use TEX to perform the sorting (Option 1); use makeindexto perform the sorting (Option 2); use xindyto perform the sorting (Option 3). The extension package glossaries-extra provides a fourth method: use bib2gls(Option 4) Compiling the glossary. To compile a document that contains a glossary in Overleaf you don't have to do anything special, but if you add new terms to the glossary once you compiled it, make sure to click on Clear cached files first under logs option). If you are compiling the document, for instance one called glossaries.tex, in your local machine, you have to use these commands: pdflatex. 6. 1. 2. 2 Displaying Terms in the Document Any glossary term that has been defined using \newglossaryentry or \newacronym, as described above, can be displayed in the document using one of the commands described in this section. (There are other less commonly used commands available as well, see the glossaries documentation for details of them.) Each term has an associated first use flag.

Glossary of Documents Print Anti-scan / Anti-copy Pattern. Anti-Stokes Ink. Background Pattern. Barcode. Binding Technique. Blind Embossing. Book Block. Card. Cover. Covert Laser Readable (CLR) Image. Data Page. Data page integration into a book block. Demetallization. DID® Diffractive Identification Element. Document / Blank Number . Document Construction. Document Personalization. Dot. A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms and their definitions found in documentation relating to a specific subject. They usually occur after the body of the document--at the end of a single. Building a Glossary in Confluence. A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms and their corresponding definitions. It familiarizes readers with key words and abbreviations. Building a glossary is also the first step to truly consistent wording - and it increases understanding, too. This is often referred to as 'terminology management' Glossary of Documents. On this page you'll find everything you need to know about the documents required for applying at TUM. We show you what they are, how to get them and how they have to be submitted. To find out what documents you need to apply for a specific degree program, please visit the respective info sites. A complete list will be generated individually by our application portal.

Glossary of termsedit. analysis Analysis is the process of converting full text to terms. Depending on which analyzer is used, these phrases: FOO BAR, Foo-Bar, foo,bar will probably all result in the terms foo and bar. These terms are what is actually stored in the index. A full text query (not a term query) for FoO:bAR will also be analyzed to the terms foo,bar and will thus match the terms. A Glossary is a deliverable that documents terms that are unique to the business or technical domain. A glossary is used to ensure that all stakeholders (business and technical) understand what is meant by the terminology, acronyms, and phrases used inside an organization. While creating a glossary can take a bit of time and attention, doing so will generate many benefits, such as: Facilitate.

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  1. Other terms included in Vow documentation: move: transfers stablecoin between users. kick: starts an auction. woe: indicates specifically bad debt, or be used as a variable name for any amount of debt. Flipper (Collateral Auctions) wards [usr: address], rely / deny / auth: Auth mechanisms. Bid: State of a specific Auction {bid, lot, guy, tic, end, usr, gal, tab} bid: Bid amount (DAI)/ DAI paid.
  2. In your Glossary document, use an RD (Reference Document) field for each document that you want to include in your Table of Contents. To insert an RD field, do ctrl-F9 and, within the brackets that Word gives you, type RD filename. For example { RD Chapter 1.doc }. You can't type the curly brackets by hand. You must do ctrl-F9. If you can't put all your files in one folder, you must use.
  3. This is the FAQ for the glossaries package. See also the glossaries user manual, the guide for beginners, Glossaries and Lists and the bug tracker (glossaries category).Example documents can be found in the gallery.. The glossaries package may be extended with the glossaries-extra extension package to provide additional functions. The glossaries-extra package implicitly loads glossaries.sty so.

Many translated example sentences containing glossaries and documentation - Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations Glossary¶ account¶ Refers to an address (starts with xrb_ or nano_ which are interchangeable) that you control the private keys of. An address is a reinterpretation of the 256-bit public key using BASE32 encoding and a checksum. Previously supported xrb-or nano-prefixes are deprecated. active transaction •The glossaries-extra package • bib2gls If you use hyperref and glossaries, you must load hyperref first (although hyperref should be loaded after most other packages). Similarly the doc package must also be loaded before glossaries. (If doc is loaded, the file extensions for the default main glossary are changed to gls2, glo2and glg2to avoid conflict with doc's change Technical documentation ; Key features . Glossaries with specific language letters ; Multiple Glossaries in one space ( based on languages) New Glossaries Dashboard ; New search option ( by language) in the advanced search ; New language menu in space configuration to switch glossary from language to another..

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Dataedo has built-in business glossary module - glossary of business terms, their definitions, relationships between each other and mapping to data assets elements.. Glossaries. Dataedo metadata repository holds business terms in glossaries visible on the same level as databases. Repository can hold multiple glossaries glossaries - Create glossaries and lists of acronyms The glossaries package supports acronyms and multiple glossaries, and has provision for operation in several languages (using the facilities of either babel or polyglossia). New entries are defined to have a name and description (and optionally an associated symbol). Support for multiple languages is offered, and plural forms of terms may be specified. An additional package Glossary. Understand common terms used throughout the documentation. Merchant of Record/Seller of Record (MOR/SOR) The Merchant of Record/Seller of Record (MOR/SOR) assumes the risk of the sale, managing taxes and regulations on your behalf. Production Test Environment (PTE) Digital River's environment for partners and clients to test the Digital River APIs. Previous. Testing scenarios. Last.

Glossary; Edit on GitHub; Glossary ¶ Module abbreviations & names¶ ABS - Anti Lock Brakes; ACC- - Adaptive Cruise Control; AHLM - Auto Headlamp Leveling Module; AMP - Amplifier; ASBS - Automatic Sway Bar System (Wrangler Rubicon feature) BCM- - Body Control Module; CCN - Cabin Compartment Node (Instrument Cluster) DTCM - Drive Train Control Module; EGS - Electronic Gear Shifter (aka ESM) ESC. Glossary V2.6.0 R4.1 Rev 3 1 of 89 Document ID 055: AUTOSAR_TR_Glossary - AUTOSAR confidential - Document Title Glossary Document Owner AUTOSAR Document Responsibility AUTOSAR Document Identification No 055 Document Classification Auxiliary Document Version 2.6.0 Document Status Final Part of Release 4.1 Revision 3 Document Change Histor What's new in Python 3.9? or all What's new documents since 2.0 Tutorial start here. Library Reference keep this under your pillow. Language Reference describes syntax and language elements. Python Setup and Usage how to use Python on different platforms. Python HOWTOs in-depth documents on specific topics. Installing Python Modules installing from the Python Package Index & other source

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Usage. The template {{}} (a.k.a. {{glossary start}} or {{glossary begin}}) is used with {{glossary end}} to explicitly bracket a glossary or glossary-like description list (also called a definition list or association list), especially in a template-structured glossary, although such lists can be used more generally.This is required (as a technical matter) for template-structured glossaries. What is the Glossary activity? The Glossary activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary. While it can be set up and used only by the teacher, its main function is as a collaborative exercise. The Glossary auto-linking filter will highlight any word in the course which is located in the Glossary Begriff Beschreibung siehe auch weitere Informationen; AAPS: AndroidAPS - System einer künstlichen Bauchspeicheldrüse (artifical pancreas system) AM Ceph Documentation » Ceph Glossary; Notice. This document is for a development version of Ceph. Report a Documentation Bug. Ceph Glossary ¶ Ceph is growing rapidly. As firms deploy Ceph, the technical terms such as RADOS, RBD, RGW and so forth require corresponding marketing terms that explain what each component does. The terms in this glossary are intended to complement. Glossary is helpful for learning common terms used in Joomla! tutorials, help screens and advanced documentation. Contents. 1 Access Control List; 2 Alias; 3 Anchor; 4 Article; 5 Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) 6 Category; 7 Chrome; 8 Component; 9 Core; 10 Database Table Prefix; 11 Extension; 12 LDAP; 13 Language; 14 Menu; 15 Model-View-Controller; 16 Module; 17 Module Class Suffix; 18 Module.

Documentation. Documentation English. WELCOME PRESENTATION BASIC MANUAL. Getting Started. File management. Roms and Isos. Features. Glossary. Security ADVANCED USER ️ EMULATORS HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY Tutorials FAQ. Powered by GitBook. Glossary. Lists of terms related to Recalbox . This section defines some technical terms related to Recalbox, if you. In a general sense, a glossary contains explanations of concepts relevant to a certain field of study or action. In this sense, the term is related to the notion of ontology. Automatic methods have been also provided that transform a glossary into an ontology or a computational lexicon. Histor TKT GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING (ELT) TERMINOLOGY The words in this glossary are in alphabetical order and are for all the TKT modules. Candidates preparing for any one module should make sure that they are familiar with all the words and phrases in the glossary. Candidates for all modules are also expected to be familiar with the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) Vocabulary List. Used in documentation for request code samples. curl is usually the default format used to display requests in API documentation. See curl. Also written as cURL. See Make a curl call and Understand curl more. E endpoints and methods The endpoints indicate how you access the resource, while the method indicates the allowed interactions (such as GET, POST, or DELETE) with the resource. The same. As defined in the Glossary of the NRSWA. Works activity. The reason for undertaking the works. Note: this is different to Activity that is defined separately in this glossary. Works record. A repository of notifications (such as PAA/PAs, reinstatements, inspections and FPNs) and file attachments associated with a particular works. Works sto

  1. Glossary¶ ack. Short for acknowledged. acknowledged. Workers acknowledge messages to signify that a message has been handled. Failing to acknowledge a message will cause the message to be redelivered. Exactly when a transaction is considered a failure varies by transport
  2. Glossary¶. ADB: Android Debug Bridge is a command-line tool for communicating with Android devices.. APK: Android application package is the app file format used on Android devices.. ATV: Android TV.See MAD-device-list for a list of suggested devices.. Magisk: Magisk is a suite of open source tools for customizing Android and is required for running PoGo on a rooted Android device
  3. Glossary. Glossary; Part IV - GMP requirements for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice specific to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products; Other documents related to GMP. Compilation of Community Procedures on Inspections and Exchange of Information updated to include new EU formats and procedure
  4. Glossary Initializing search decred/dcrdocs Decred Documentation decred/dcrdocs Home Getting Started Getting Started DCPs primarily serve for documentation, fostering cross-implementation compatibility and helping ensure proper engineering rigor is followed. Decrediton¶ A GUI (Graphical User Interface) Decred wallet maintained by the core team. Difficulty¶ Difficulty is a measure of how.
  5. Any course may contain a global glossary, though the best practice is to place a global glossary on the site front page. Glossary type Here you can decide whether the glossary will be main or secondary. This feature enables you to choose particular entries from any number of secondary glossaries in the course and add them to the main glossary.
  6. g in Scala. algebraic data type. A type defined by providing several alternatives, each of which comes with its own constructor. It usually comes with a way to decompose the type through pattern matching. The concept is found in specification languages and functional program
  7. Documentation. TreeGrid documentation glossary. Here is full online documentation for TreeGrid, Gantt chart and SpreadSheet. Choose desired document in left side tree or find it in documentation search. In this documentation glossary is described how to use the documentation. Documentation items. version <tag> type XmlAttribute [default value] specialty. XML or JSON attribute definition. The.

An overview of EU libraries and the historical archives of the EU institutions. Access the European Library and Docurama Glossaries for translators working in Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, etc. Glossary translations. This site uses cookies. Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used Glossary. Term Meaning; Build configuration : Contains all the information you need to compile the sources into binaries. Different build configurations allow you to quickly build the project for different purposes. By default, Qt Creator creates debug build and release build configurations for each kit defined for your project. A debug build contains additional debug symbols that you need for. Glossaries; Quick Search. Help. Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts Feed Builder What's new What's new Available Gadgets Theme Press About Confluence Log in Sign up Dashboard Skip to Recently Updated. PrestaShop 1.7 documentation. In English En Français; Getting Started: Guide de démarrage: User Guide: Guide de l'utilisateur: Theme Developer Guide (uniquement en anglais) Module Developer. [+] About this Glossary This Glossary defines terms and abbreviations that occur in Genesys user documentation, other Genesys collateral, and some industry-wide terms. Some terms may be ordinary English words with specific meaning for Genesys products, like interaction and recall

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Adding a glossary to the end of a document isn't difficult, but it isn't intuitive either. For better or worse, there's no built-in glossary feature, but you can usurp an existing feature--Table. Appendix M. Glossary. This is a list of terms and their meaning in the context of PostgreSQL and relational database systems in general. ACID. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. This set of properties of database transactions is intended to guarantee validity in concurrent operation and even in event of errors, power failures, etc. Aggregate function (routine) A function that.

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Glossary¶. This is a glossary of terms that often appear in discussion about multimedia transmissions. Some of the terms are specific to GStreamer or Kurento, and most of them are described and linked to their RFC, W3C or Wikipedia documents.. Agnostic medi WLAN Glossary [Documentation] Version (Date): 2012.06.29 (10/2/2012) Size: 0.08 MB: Language: English: Filetype: PDF: Comment: Categorie: Graphic: Operating System: No Operating System Dependencies: Products: Notebook 635 tx Notebook 990 tx Notebook AMILO A 1400 Notebook AMILO A 1600 Notebook AMILO A 1800 Notebook AMILO A1630 Notebook AMILO A1640 Notebook AMILO A1645 Notebook AMILO A1650. Glossary. There are a significant number of terms and definitions that are unique to the snap, snapd, and snapcraft ecosystem. This page defines the terminology and other terms touched by these tools and links to further information when required. If you're new to using snaps, take a look at Getting started, and if you're looking to build your own snaps, take a look at the Snapcraft. JoomGlossary A simple glossary component for Joomla CMS. This component will allow you to display a nice glossary of terms on your site using the built-in bootstrap tabs system. JoomGlossary is very easy to use and configure. In just a few minutes you can be up and running with a nice looking glossary on your site that is stylable using CSS to. Get the most advanced and market leader glossary, dictionary extension for Joomla. Define terms, generate nice and automatic definition tooltips, display definitions in your Joomla content. With SEO Glossary it's easy to define one or billions terms in your website

Glossary¶. Definitions of common machine learning terms. Accuracy Percentage of correct predictions made by the model. Algorithm A method, function, or series of instructions used to generate a machine learning model.Examples include linear regression, decision trees, support vector machines, and neural networks Glossary.NET. A Microsoft framework which is required to run paint.net. Acquire. Load an image from a scanner or camera. Active layer. The layer which has the editing focus. It is highlighted in the Layers Window. Actual Size. Sets the zoom level to 100%. Each pixel on the screen will correspond exactly with one pixel in the active layer. Add (Union) Selection mode which combines multiple. The documentation generally refers to elements (ElementRef instances), as distinct from DOM elements (which can be accessed directly if necessary). Compare to custom element. entry pointlink. A JavaScript module that is intended to be imported by a user of an npm package. An entry-point module typically re-exports symbols from other internal. Überblick Dokumentation Downloads Tipps und Tricks  Benutzerhandbuch. 1. Hinzufügen eines neuen BlueBridge Glossary Webparts . Gibt Ihnen schrittweise Hilfestellung beim Hinzufügen des BlueBridge Glossary Webparts auf einer neuen Seite. 2. Benutzen des BlueBridge Glossary Webparts . Sehen Sie wie Sie das BlueBridge Glossary Webpart nutzen können. 3. Anpassen des BlueBridge Glossary.

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Glossary¶ Acme Acme is a sample company name used in Symfony demos and documentation. It's used as a namespace where you would normally use your own company's name (e.g. Acme\BlogBundle). Action An action is a PHP function or method that executes, for example, when a given route is matched. The term action is synonymous with controller, though a controller may also refer to an entire PHP. Documentation; Knowledge Base; Training; Tutorial Articles; Training Videos; FAQ; Search Page; Home; Docs; KB; Training; FAQ; Glossary ¶ Galera Arbitrator. An external process that functions as an additional node in certain cluster operations, such as quorum calculations and generating consistent application state snapshots. For example, consider a situation where your cluster becomes. Download texlive-glossaries-finnish-doc-2020.176.1.0svn54080-43.5.noarch.rpm for Tumbleweed from openSUSE Oss repository Download texlive-glossaries-portuges-doc-2020.176.1.1svn36064-43.5.noarch.rpm for Tumbleweed from openSUSE Oss repository Document. A group of fields and their values. Documents are the basic unit of data in a collection. Documents are assigned to shards using standard hashing, or by specifically assigning a shard within the document ID. Documents are versioned after each write operation

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Create Legal Forms Online in Minutes. Edit and Print for Immediate Use Glossary with Doc-To-Help Doreen Marson Technical Documentation Specialist October 26, 2016. About Me • 15+ years of experience in technical documentation -software, hardware, business processes, large companies to small startups • Have held technical writer, software trainer, instructional designer and business analysis roles • Begin using Doc-To-Help since 2010 • Presenter at. A bibliography is a list of books, articles, web pages, or other documents. Usually, the documents in the list are related to the content of the primary document. For example, the documents contain background information. blog A blog is type of website. Usually, one person regularly publishes short articles. Frequently, readers can make comments about each article Glossary. Deployment. A collection of files that were uploaded to Vercel. Preview Deployments. Preview Deployments are the default type of deployment. They are made available by pushing to the Git Branch of a connected Git Repository, or by using the vercel command from Vercel CLI. Learn more about Preview Deployments from the Deployments Concept documentation. Production Deployments.

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Glossary Circuit Relay. A means of establishing communication between peers who are unable to communicate directly, with the assistance of a third peer willing and able to act as an intermediary. In many real-world peer-to-peer networks, direct communication between all peers may be impossible for a variety of reasons. For example, one or more peers may be behind a firewall or have NAT. Developer Documentation; Plugin Filters Basic. This code will disable the alert about localization of the plugin on translate.wordpress.org. add_filter( 'glossary_alert_localization', '__return_false' ); This two filters enable you to add a custom theme inside the Glossary settings. The first one enable you to set a theme name and show it in the native plugin's dashboard. The second one is the. Glossary of Terms For simplicity, the Java TM platform is called Java in the following definitions It's a full-featured platform that consists of an authentication service, libraries, application registration and configuration, full developer documentation, code samples, and other developer content. The Microsoft identity platform supports industry standard protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. multi-tenant applicatio

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Home > Documents > NATO Glossary. NATO Glossary. Date post: 09-Jul-2015: Category: Documents: View: 595 times: Download: 4 times : Download for free Report this document. Share this document with a friend. Transcript: NATO GLOSSARY OF ABBREVIATIONS USED IN NATO DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS. GLOSSAIRE OTAN DES ABRVIATIONS UTILISES DANS LES DOCUMENTS ET PUBLICATIONS OTAN. AAP-15(2009) AAP-15(2009. Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this application to display correctly We use Cookies to provide you with high-speed browsing experience. Learn More. Cookie Setting Glossary of terms. Back to list. Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD) (preliminary review documentation) A certificate issued by uni-assist which you submit directly to the university when you apply there. The VPD is a certificate issued by uni-assist which you submit directly to the university when you apply there. Generally, you have to submit the VPD to the university before the application. In 1990, as part of his vision of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee defined the concept of hypertext, which Berners-Lee formalized the following year through a markup mainly based on SGML.The IETF began formally specifying HTML in 1993, and after several drafts released version 2.0 in 1995. In 1994 Berners-Lee founded the W3C to develop the Web. In 1996, the W3C took over the HTML work and published. Machine Learning Glossary¶ Brief visual explanations of machine learning concepts with diagrams, code examples and links to resources for learning more. Warning. This document is under early stage development. If you find errors, please raise an issue or contribute a better definition! Basics. Linear Regression; Gradient Descent ; Logistic Regression; Glossary; Math. Calculus; Linear Algebra.

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