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The Erasmus Programme (EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a European Union (EU) student exchange programme established in 1987. [2] [3] Erasmus+ , or Erasmus Plus, is the new programme combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth and sport, which was started in January 2014 The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme established in 1987 offering university students a possibility of studying or doing an internship abroad in another country for a period of at least 2 months and maximum 12 months per cycle of studies. Erasmus+ now offers the possibility to go way beyond the European borders as well Erasmus+ helps organise student and doctoral candidate exchanges within Erasmus+ Programme countries and to and from Partner countries. By studying abroad with Erasmus+, you can improve your communication, language and inter-cultural skills and gain soft skills highly valued by future employers Students are selected for an Erasmus+ Study Mobility on the basis of academic ability and the relevance of the proposed study plan to their studies at CEU. Participants in the Erasmus+ Study Mobility Program continue to pay tuition fees at CEU, but are exempted from tuition at the host university. Please be informed that participation in the Erasmus program is conditional on physical international mobility to the country of the chosen receiving university. Also, please note that online.

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  1. U.K. Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed funding for an alternative to Erasmus+ in the one-year spending review in November. Under the British student-mobility program, the U.K. government would fund British students to go abroad but would not be expected to support EU students taking up courses in British universities
  2. Erasmus+ studies. This program, financed by the European Union, allows students enrolled at the University of Luxembourg to pursue a semester abroad at one of its partner institutions within Europe, and to ensure the recognition of the credits obtained abroad. At the beginning of the summer semester (end of February), an information session will be held for your study programme to inform you.
  3. Es können Studienaufenthalte, Auslandspraktika im Rahmen des Studiums, Lehraufenthalte sowie Fortbildung von allgemeinem Hochschulpersonal gefördert werden. Das Erasmus-Programm steht allen Studenten offen, die an einer teilnehmenden Hochschule regulär studieren. Entsprechendes gilt für das Lehr- und Verwaltungspersonal. Voraussetzung ist allerdings, dass die entsendende und die aufnehmende Hochschule ein entsprechendes bilaterales Abkommen haben. Auch benötigen alle Hochschulen, die im.
  4. The Erasmus Skills team is organising an online conference the 25th of February to bring together university staff and stakeholders in Higher Education that work on supporting students throughout their mobility experience. The event will focus on how to assess the skills gained through international student mobility and translate these gained competences into the curriculum and the career.
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Student Mobility for Placements (SMP) With Erasmus students can complete internships in enterprises and organisations in other Eu-ropean countries. Stays abroad are supported for all programme countries. Advantages of an Erasmus Placement Abroad. EU internship agreement between university, company and student; Academic recognition of the internshi Voices Losing Erasmus would have a devastating effect on social mobility. Dropping the student exchange programme will hit those from low-income and working class backgrounds hardes Our University joined to the ERASMUS mobility programme in 1999. Bilateral agreements have been signed with almost two hundred partner universities since then. Year by year over one hundred Hungarian students study at universities in Europe while over two hundred foreign students attend our school Indirect participation of Switzerland in Erasmus mobility activities 2017-2020/2022: SEMP Swiss-European Mobility Programme. Erasmus is an EU education programme within Erasmus+ (2017-2020/2022) designed to promote the mobility of students and staff between the European universities. Students will receive an Erasmus grant for Switzerland from their home institution Make sure you have your faculty contact person's approval and that you can transfer obtained EC to your UT study programme. You can apply for an Erasmus + scholarship up to a maximum of 12 months per study phase (Bachelor or Master). Multiple mobility periods are allowed: e.g., 3 months Erasmus + Study + 9 months Erasmus + Traineeship. You can apply for an Erasmus+ Study Scholarship via your.

Student Mobility. Erasmus + mobility for students for exchange studies, research and training: The study period abroad must be part of the student's study programme to complete a degree at a short cycle, first cycle (Bachelor or equivalent), second cycle (Master or equivalent) and third or doctoral cycle. A study period abroad may include a traineeship period as well. Such a combination. Student Mobility for Studies (SMS) With Erasmus+ after completing their first year of studies at a European college or university, students may go on to study in another, participating country, where they can expand their social and cultural skills in order to improve their career prospects. Here, not only do students become acquainted with the academic system of a foreign university but also with its teaching and learning methods Quick facts: one of the most well-known and successful programmes of the European Commission two main types: mobility for studies and internships so far: mobility of more than 3 million students in Europe according to the former Erasmus students the Erasmus experience makes the post-graduation job search easie As many students are aware, Erasmus+ student mobility programs have been instrumental in allowing students to have access to European countries and enjoy both academic mobility as well as cultural mobility. Thousands of students have benefited from Erasmus+ mobility programs and it was a hallmark of global student mobility. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a situation where borders are closed in Europe and issues such as travel and visa restrictions as well as medical anxiety will.

Erasmus for CEU Students Students may participate in the Erasmus+ Mobility Program for studying or being trained abroad several times, totalling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study (master/doctoral). Erasmus+ Internship Mobility for CEU students A central element of the ERASMUS Programme is the furthering of student mobility within the European Comrnunity. The student mobility programmes established under the Programme offer university students a chance to undertake a substantial period of study (rninimum 3 months) in another Communit Erasmus is an EU education programme within Erasmus+ (2017-2020/2022) designed to promote the mobility of students and staff between the European universities. Students will receive an Erasmus grant for Switzerland from their home institution Losing Erasmus would have a devastating effect on social mobility. Dropping the student exchange programme will hit those from low-income and working class backgrounds hardes

Erasmus Student Mobility Programme. Prior to coming, participants in the Erasmus programme who choose to follow part of their undergraduate studies at the University of Oviedo must send the following documentation to the postal address indicated below: Documentation to be sent. Photocopy of ID card or passport ; Erasmus Student Application Form, duly signed by the student, and including one. Erasmus is the exchange program funded by the European Union offering student mobility between higher education institutions across Europe. The mobility period goes from 3 to 12 months and is partly funded by the Erasmus grant. Tuition fees are paid at your home university and your period of study abroad is fully recognised within your course of study. Summary. Erasmus 2020-2021 inbound. Erasmus+ European Mobility is a program that enables student and staff mobility between higher education institutions (HEIs) of 28 EU member countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the FYR of Macedonia, and Turkey

ERASMUS is a university mobility programme of the EU and part of the 'ERASMUS+ programme'. The programme promotes mobility of students and teachers, organisation of intensive programmes, and cooperative curriculum development. Attention! Special case Switzerland! Switzerland does not officially participate in ERASMUS+ at present. However, you can still apply and be nominated for Switzerland using the Erasmus application in TISS. Swiss universities pay all nominated incoming students a. We, the UCL Study Abroad Team, apply for Erasmus+ funding, collate and record paperwork, process payments and report to our National Agency (the British Council) on behalf of UCL. UCL Erasmus+ Mobility Projects. UCL is proud to have been granted in December 2013, participation rights within the Erasmus+ programme. This charter sets out a number. But critics raised concerns about the logistics of getting a new large-scale student mobility program in place and also questioned whether the budget for the program, which works out to about £2,857, or $3,903, per student placement or exchange, will be adequate. U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson said the country was leaving Erasmus+ because of the cost, according to Politico's European.

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  1. Mobility opportunities under the ERASMUS+ programme - study abroad The guide for students of Kiel University - 2019/20 (updated in Nov 2019) Dear students, We are pleased about your interest in studying abroad under the new ERASMUS+ programme. Maybe you have already applied to go abroad or even been selected as an ERASMUS outgoing-student. This guide provides you with information on how to.
  2. Erasmus+ ist das Programm für Bildung, Jugend und Sport der Europäischen Union.Vier Nationale Agenturen setzen in Deutschland das EU-Programm Erasmus+ um. Finden Sie Ihre Ansprechpartner, wenn es um Projektberatung, Antragstellung und Unterstützung für Ihre europäischen Projekte geht
  3. For years, the European Commission has been investing a lot for student mobility, mainly through the Erasmus+ Programme. In order to reach as many people as possible, the European Ministers of Education emphasized now on the need to involve a larger number of students and to develop virtual mobility. MOVIDIS project aims to give the opportunity to bachelor students in Economics, to receive an.
  4. istration staff. This transitional scheme applies until 2020, the end of ERASMUS+ and will continue with the beginning of the new ERASMUS+ programme from 2021

Erasmus+ Exchange application documents or application documents concerning exchanges outside Erasmus must arrive at the University of Cyprus Mobility Support Staff by May 20th for students coming the 1st semester or the whole academic year and October 20th for students coming the 2nd semeste Application Deadline:9 April 2021. Alliance 4 Univer s ities has been awarded funds under Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme (Action KA107). Through these funds, students and staff from non-European partner universities (see Call for details) and from A4U universities have the opportunity to participate in mobility schemes Financial support for the Erasmus+ mobility The following funding rates apply to students from German universities who are studying abroad within the scope of the Erasmus+ program in the academic year of 2019/20: Group of countries 1 EUR 450,- per month (Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden Are you interested in spending a semester/year abroad at Rīga Stradiņš University as part of the Erasmus+ programme? The applicant must comply with the Erasmus+ student mobility eligibility criteria, and there should be an existing Erasmus Agreement between the student's home university and Rīga Stradiņš University. Erasmus+ partner universities . When you have been granted an Erasmus.

Students and young people from Britain will no longer take part in the Europe-wide Erasmus exchange programme after the UK failed to reach agreement over its post-Brexit membership.. Boris Johnson. As a Lund University student you can study at another European university for 3-12 months within the framework of the Erasmus mobility programme. Lund University has agreements with around 400 higher education institutions in Europe Student mobility for practical work experience in companies; Participating in an Erasmus Program means that the student can study at a European University or carry out work experience in a company in a language other than Spanish and with the academic recognition from the UPM. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS . To be enrolled in the UPM to obtain the diploma qualification or technical engineer, graduate. Erasmus+ International Mobility. Im Rahmen der Programm-Schiene Erasmus+ International Mobility werden Studienaufenthalte an Partneruniversitäten außerhalb Europas gefördert.. Bitte beachten Sie, dass sich die Partneruniversitäten bzw. die Studienrichtungen im Programm jährlich ändern (können), da auch die Beantragung jährlich stattfindet

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  3. 10 points were deduced from the Overall Score of those students who have participated in any of the Erasmus programs in the same study cycle (10 points deduced per each participation). 10 points were deduced from the Overall Score of those students who have been selected for 2020-2021 Spring Semester and/or postpone their mobilities for 2021-2021 Fall Semester Erasmus European Mobility.
  4. This webinar is dedicated to students through which they will be informed about opportunities offered under Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) and International Credit Mobility (ICM) actions of Erasmus+ programme, and the different modalities undertaken to participate. Testimonies from students who lived an EMJMD or ICM experience will be presented during the webinar
  5. Students can now find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Erasmus+ Study Mobility Program in our new Erasmus+ FAQ document. Please refer to the Contact section and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. Description of the Mobility. Erasmus+ KA103 is an EU program intended to promote student and faculty mobility and encourage cross-border cooperation.

Any student, regardless of nationality, is eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility grant for an internship abroad. Students can receive Erasmus+ funding for a maximum period of 12 months per study cycle.Therefore, students who have already done an Erasmus+ internship during their bachelor's or during a different master's programme may still be eligible to apply for funding Erasmus, the mobility programme of the European Union, was established in 1987 with the goal of promoting cooperation between universities within the EU and other European countries (EU candidate countries, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey) as well as the mobility of students and instructors. Erasmus enables students to complete part of their degree programme at a European partner university. No. Erasmus+ Global Mobility refers to the mobility of students and staff between European higher educational institutions and non- European partner countries. Erasmus + Global Mobility Programme Participating Institutions 2015-201

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UK leaves the ERASMUS programme due to BREXIT . ERASMUS made student mobility more affordable, especially those with limited means (students are not asked to pay the fees of the hosting university). ‍ As a former Erasmus student, I find this decision very damaging, especially for young Britons and probably aims. The new version of the Online Learning Agreement platform has been released and is now available at the fingertips of the Erasmus Generation, as an integral part of the digitalisation process of the Erasmus+ programme.. The OLA can be used by students participating in an Erasmus+ mobility for studies or traineeships between the Higher Education Institutions that are holders of the Erasmus. Swiss-European Mobility Programme and Erasmus+. Switzerland is supporting mobility and cooperation activities in Europe via the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). Although not a programme country within ERASMUS+ anymore, Switzerland remains a so-called partner country and is fully participating in the student exchange scheme via SEMP. In order to comply with reciprocity, financial. Please CLICK for 2019-2020 Erasmus+ Study Mobility Information Seminars Presentation - For undergraduate students, minimum GPA: 2.20/4.00; for graduate & PhD students, minimum GPA: 2.50/4.00 is required to apply to the Erasmus program. - Students who would like to apply must have completed their first semester of their first year and they must apply while they are an actively-registered.

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Exchange Programs for METU students; Erasmus+ Study abroad; Erasmus + Student Mobility Scholarship. CALL FOR APPLICATION. Apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship and study abroad! As an Erasmus+ exchange student you can spend one or two semesters (3-12 months) at one of METU's partner universities within the European Union as well as in Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey. You will also be entitled to. Erasmus+ Internship Mobility is a program within the framework of the Erasmus Program in which a student can work (full time) for a business or organization in a Program Country, receiving professional training and / or work experience in their area of study. It aims to develop the students' work experience. It is students own responsibility to find their internship places. For detailed.

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  1. Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program . Higher education consortium for internships, teaching and staff training mobilities. AUEB Mobility Consortium; News. Erasmus+ Program. 01-02-2021. SUPPORT TEAM FOR THE EXAMS OF THE ERASMUS STUDENTS AT AUEB. 25-01-2021. Remote Exams Student Guide. 25-01-2021. Fall Semester exams timetable. 03-12-2020. Important Information About University.
  2. The Erasmus+ UK National Agency will be operating amended opening hours over the festive period: British Council: Closed from 24 December 2020 (12.00 noon UK time) until 29 December 2020 (10am UK time) and from 31 December 2020 (4pm UK time) until 4..
  3. The Erasmus program has been one of the great success stories of the European Union. Since 1987, the program has promoted cross-border mobility and exchange between European higher education institutions. In the current period from 2014-2020, the program is called Erasmus+. Since the start of the Erasmus program over 30 years ago, 3.6 million students have taken part in mobilities across.

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  1. g Students 05. Exchange Mobility Programs Foreign Students Guide; National Programs; International Program; Coordinators in the Centres; Languages for Internationalization; 06. Student Attention 07. Special Insurance Scheme for Students Insurance for students over 28; 08. Cultural Activities Access to Activities; UPM Choir; 09
  2. Agreement for the new Erasmus+ programme reached EP and Council negotiators struck a provisional deal on the Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027, which will boost inclusion, enabling more people to benefit from the programme. Read more . ESNsurvey: how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced mobility. The ESNsurvey is a Europe-wide research report, covering different topics concerning student mobility.
  3. Erasmus+ is a European-wide initiative based on subject-specific exchange agreements between schools and departments at Nottingham and academic counterparts at partner universities across Europe.. Under Erasmus+, undergraduate and postgraduate students have the opportunity to apply to take a study placement and/or a work placement in another European country, depending on their degree programme
  4. ated by your home university to study at TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TU BAF) within the Erasmus+ mobility programme? - Thank you for your interest in our university! We are looking forward to meeting you and would like to support you in dealing with the formalities. On this website you will find out how to proceed. As an Erasmus student, you will be duly enrolled at the TU.

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ERASMUS + KA107 (Incomig Student) Comillas Pontifical University has received funding from the European Erasmus+ Programme within the framework of the KA107 action for Higher Education Mobility between programme and partner countries (International Mobility of Credits), to carry out mobilities during the 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic year Erasmus+ is a European Union programme designed to encourage student mobility in Europe between partner universities linked by an Erasmus agreement. It helps you to go on an exchange programme with an IPAG partner or to carry out an internship in one of the countries participating in the programme (with the exception of internships in French diplomatic representations abroad and internships in.

Outgoing Student Mobility. Students at the New Bulgarian University have the opportunity to study or work on a traineeship abroad through Erasmus+. This is available as an integrated part of a number of degree programmes. Eligibility . The exchange must be with one of the University's partner institutions. Bachelor's degree students must be enrolled at New Bulgarian University in at least. It exists to promote student and staff mobility in higher education, principally within the EU, although some non-EU countries also participate. Between 1987 and 2014 over three million students from institutions across Europe took part in the Erasmus programme. Find out how to be part of the new Erasmus+ programme that continues this approach Application Deadline:9 April 2021. Alliance 4 Univer s ities has been awarded funds under Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme (Action KA107). Through these funds, students and staff from non-European partner universities (see Call for details) and from A4U universities have the opportunity to participate in mobility schemes Europe (ex-Erasmus) - Students. Taking part in the Swiss-European Mobility Program (ex-Erasmus) enables you to study at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) for one or two semesters within the framework of a bilateral agreement. To ensure a successful exchange, please take note of the following information: Eligibility criteria; Deadlines and procedure; Information for students; Classes and.

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COURSES IN ENGLISH AVAILABLE FOR UNDERGRADUATE ERASMUS STUDENTS . AT THE FACULTY OF SOCIAL WORK IN SPRING SEMESTER 2020/2021. Establishment of working relationship and personal contact (Nina Mešl) - 5 ECTS (Cancelled because face-to-face teaching not possible); Social work with the elderly (Jana Mali) - 5 ECTS (CONFIRMED); Practicum (Anže Jurček) - 5 ECTS (for 60 hours) or 10 ECTS (for 120. Das ERASMUS Programm ist ein Förderprogramm der Europäischen Union. Durch das Erasmus Programm werden vor allem allgemeine sowie berufliche Bildung, Sport und Jugend gefördert. Das Bildungsprogramm für lebenslanges Lernen besteht bereits seit 30 Jahren und fördert die Mobilität von Studierenden, jungen Erwachsenen, Dozenten und ausländischem Unternehmenspersonal innerhalb 33 Ländern.

Erasmus student mobility for traineeship. Erasmus Programme. The Erasmus+ exchange programme allows international students currently studying at a European university to spend a semester or a year with us. These exchanges are based around subject area agreements. To study at New Bulgarian University /NBU/ as an exchange student, your university needs to have an inter-institutional agreement. ERASMUS mobility programs: europa@zv.uni-freiburg.de; International Office, advice on stays and scholarships abroad: christine.kutnar@io.uni-freiburg.de; International Office, advice on DAAD-PROMOS and Baden-Württemberg scholarships: susanne.obert@io.uni-freiburg.de; LERU-STREAM: moritz.heck@zv.uni-freiburg.de; Further information and contact details can be found on our website. Your Student. We are happy about your interest in spending a stay abroad at Justus Liebig University Giessen within the Erasmus+ worldwide international credit mobility programme. You will find all information on mobility grants and how to apply on the following pages: Incoming Student Mobility. Incoming Teaching Staff Mobility. Staff Training Mobility at JL

Erasmus+ Programme. Erasmus+ Erasmus is Europe's largest university exchange program, supporting European cooperation in higher education and funding international student and staff mobility. The new program umbrella is called Erasmus+ (2014-2020). Who is eligible? Student mobility for studies: Students are encouraged to spend some time at one of Aalto's partner institutions to enrich. Countries currently participating in the Erasmus+ programme include all EU member states, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Macedonia. Support is available to students for mandatory and voluntary placements of between two and twelve months, in the form of a monthly grant. Placements can be self-standing or undertaken in combination. Dear students, it is our great pleasure to welcome you at the Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb.. At Faculty of Kinesiology you can be enrolled as an exchange student (non-degree student) within the Erasmus+ programme, a free mover or a student involved in a bilateral exchange.Get in touch with the International Relations Office at your home university to initiate the application. Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020. It is the EU's flagship education and training programme, emphasises student and staff mobility and European co-operation involving higher education institutions and other key players in the knowledge-based economy The Erasmus+ Learning Agreement. Before your foreign exchange begins you should list all of your intended courses including ECTS points on the Learning Agreement. Our faculties will check your Learning Agreement and may make some changes. By signing the Learning Agreement the faculty confirms acceptance of your study plan

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The Erasmus+ programme enables students to study for up to 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD) at a European university outside of Austria. The available respective spots are based on bilateral agreements, which are set up and overseen by the coordinators of the responsible departments. All Erasmus+ students are exempt from tuition fees both at their home and their host. Keywords Gravity models Erasmus student mobility Erasmus programme International student mobility Migration Introduction The latest Report from the European Commission, prepared by the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE 2007), highlights that increased mobility of C. Rodrı´guez Gonza´lez R. Bustillo Mesanza Department of Applied Economics V, University of the Basque. PROGRAMME ERASMUS+ MOBILITY FOR TRAINEESHIP II Call for applications for scholarships for unibz students and recent graduates AY 2020/21 Published by Rector's Decree no. 1500 of 14.12.2020 1. GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 What is Erasmus+ for Traineeship Erasmus+ for Traineeship is a mobility programme that provides financial assistance to cover part of the costs incurred by students and recent. The two-year programme combines innovation, interdisciplinarity, and academic excellence with transnational and transregional academic mobility. Students take courses at two European participating universities, for one academic year each, and may choose to spend the third term at a non-European partner university instead of the European destination. The Erasmus Mundus programme of the European.

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Exchange Agreements for Student Mobility; Erasmus-Programm / SEMP. Networks; Information for Staff; Erasmus / Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) Background Information on the Swiss Participation in the Erasmus Programme. The Erasmus Programme was set up in 1987, with the aim of promoting cooperation and mobility between European institutions of higher education. Switzerland was an. The level of your mobility allowance will depend on available funds and the number of participating students. The allowance varies from year to year and from institution to institution. Eligibility criteria . The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for funding under the Erasmus+ programme Bachelor students must have completed at least two semesters in their degree program by the start of the program; Master students can participate from the first semester. The selection criteria can differ depending on the course of study, but usually they are the following: a meaningful integration of the stay abroad into your previous course of studies; the professional motivation and the. (a) students in higher education institutions who, after completing at least their first year of studies, spend a study period in another Member State within the framework of the mobility Action of the Erasmus programme, regardless whether they have been awarded financial support under that programme

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The partnerships of the ERASMUS + program relate to the individual departments and/or courses. By coordinating the partner universities with the respective department, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality exchange that, with the courses on offer, is a useful addition to your studies at the FSU. Advantages of ERASMUS+ study. no tuition fees at the host university; mobility funding graded. Among student mobility programmes, Erasmus+ is the largest and offers a wide variety of options for all areas of studies. We currently have around 350 Erasmus partner universities and with them we annually exchange about 500 outgoing students, 700 incoming students and around 100 outgoing teachers and staff. Erasmus agreement proposals . University of Helsinki's units are directly. The Erasmus+ Programme was designed to promote student and teaching staff mobility in Europe. It provides opportunities for students to study and work abroad, for university teachers to teach abroad, and for staff to be trained abroad, up to two semesters. In June 2012, Bielefeld University was awarded the Erasmus Quality Label by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for its efforts to. For international exchange students from our partner universities or Global E3 who would like to study for a semester or a year in Germany but speak only a little or no German, we offer a wide range of semester programmes in English (or where German is not required). You can choose classes from the options below. In general, students must choose classes within one programme and only from a. Study Abroad: Mobility of students, but no mutual exchange programme; partner charges (reduced) tuition fees) Note All information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge in order ro provide students with the best possible support in deciding on an exchange programme and in preparing for their study abroad


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Erasmus + institutions take all possible measures to ensure mobility for the severely handicapped or persons with special needs. In the Erasmus+ programme, a person with special needs is defined as a potential participant whose state of mental and/or physical health requires particular financial support Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies This overview lists all places for study abroad stays approved by the departmental coordinators. Participants receive a partial monthly grant. There are no tuition fees at the partner university. You can find more information on the programme and the partner institutions in our database at uni.kn/international > opportunities to go abroad >Study abroad > Erasmus+.

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You can study at JLU Giessen with a grant provided by the Erasmus+ worldwide credit mobility programme of the European Union for up to 12 months per study cycle (BA, MA, PhD). 24 Erasmus months are provided for students in study programmes with just one study cycle, e.g. students of law, veterinary medicine, human medicine, dentistry, teaching degrees, who sit a state examination after 4-5. Prerequisites for studying at TU Graz with Erasmus+: Part 6: Bachelor's Degree Certificate - only if you are applying for a Master's Degree Programme. As a rule, mobility students are registered for bachelor's degree programmes. Only students who have completed a bachelor´s degree programme and include a copy of their certificate in the application package may be registered for a master. Are you planning to come to TH Köln as an exchange student with the Erasmus+ program? You are curious to make new acquaintances and to get to know the city of Cologne, but you still have many open questions? The Department of International Affairs will support and accompany you during your exciting start in a new city and into a new kind of student life The National Erasmus+ Office of Lebanon is pleased to invite you to its webinar on Thursday January 14, 2021.This webinar is dedicated to students through which they will be informed about opportunities offered under Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) and International Credit Mobility (ICM) actions of Erasmus+ programme, and the different modalities undertaken to participate Study Guide for 2020-2021: Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development Faculty of Engineer Erasmus+ 'Programme Countries' and 'Partner Countries' What is Erasmus+? Get involved as a higher education institution: European Union funding for projects and mobility Student credit mobility and staff mobility Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Capacity-building projects in the fi eld of higher education Jean Monnet Activities Other higher education opportunities: Knowledge.

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